The Neighbourhood a band to look forward too

By - J

It's not too often I hear music from new bands that I truly appreciate. But if it's any band that's done it it's The Neighbourhood. Their major label debut EP came out almost 2 months ago but as their single "Sweater Weather" gained popularity I started tuning in. Something about its dark sounding beat drew me in, the echoing vocals were an added benefit. It was kind of a paradox a very dark sounding beat, but one I can drop my windows to and turn my speakers up to while driving in the sun. They are definitely a group I'm going to be looking out for in the future.

Aside from the popularity of Sweater Weather another great track off of their EP, Im Sorry is Female Robbery, the video for this song was released over 7 months ago but has only raked in about 300k views on Youtube. The song starts out with, "I think i found hell". That was all i needed to get into it. The video is also an interesting piece of work, it paints the tale of a young girl who's parents are enduring marital issues and a father who takes out his anger on her and abuses her. The young girl is then kidnapped and is carried to a place where she and the kidnaper bury a notebook. My perspective of this is that the kidnapper and girl are one in the same and the kidnapper is burying the painful memories of her childhood represented by the book. It's a great video that is just as dark as the song itself making both work harmoniously. Check out the video below and let us know your iterpretation of it.

You can purchase their EP off iTunes here.

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